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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One of those Knowles girls on the ones and twos, looking ADORABLE, at Houston's Galleria MIU MIU grand opening!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Seen on the Scene

Houston's Solange spotted at NEW YORK FASHION WEEK...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

---Tour De Badness x image.in x DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS...STYLE---

 I’m inspired daily by those who strive for a cause OTHER than just self fulfillment. The other day I came across a few quotes by fashion designer EKINYEO that read “People pride themselves on the strangest and most insignificant things.” Another EKINYEO quote was “People are so beautiful when they are humble.” Those quotes are exactly why I pay less attention to those who are all about self-self-self, me-me-me, my-my-my, and I-I-I. And pay more attention to those that attempt to get the attention of others for reasons OTHER than themselves and their people. Was VERY inspired back in November when I came across info in regards to Tour De Badness a local expedition that will benefit hunger/homelessness, heart disease, abuse, cancer, and creative arts. I blogged about that event HERE-and yesterday when I checked my inbox Clyde, of image.in (one of the hardest working Creative Groups in Houston) emailed me information to spread the word about Royal Badness' Tour De Badness. I immediately thought back to November and thought “I’m already on it…literally!” I’m typing ALL of this to say, if you can, please assist this young lady (Bevin Biggers) and Tour De Badness by spreading the word! If you are a Texas blogger please share this info…no need to retype just post the link to this post on your blog. Tour De Badness is in need of volunteers, bikers, and forms of other support. See more info from image.in below:

image.in for Royal Badness' Tour De Badness Fresh off of being featured in a Museum of Fine Art Houston exhibition, image.in has recently collaborated with Bevin Biggers & her company Royal Badness in the form of a photoshoot in support of, & to raise awareness of its Tour De Badness biking event. Tour De Badness is bike tour that will start in Houston, Tx on March 11th, 2012, leading to & ending in Austin, Tx. Tour De Badness is an event to raise awareness of causes such as hunger, homelessness, abuse, cancer, the funding & cultivation of creative arts & other issues that plague the world. Although Tour De Badness will continue as scheduled, it still needs more volunteers, bikers & other forms of support. If anyone wants to support, they can visit http://www.tourdebadness.com/ for more info on how they can help.



Twitter: @theroyalbadness


Twitter: @_imagein

And here’s a closer look at Bevin’s cause:

For Tour De Badness I had huge dreams, hopes, and dedicated time and effort to piece together a sacred embodiment of people to spread love and hope to those in which needed guidance, support, and power to strengthen them in their situation; to let them know that someone was there. I have used every will in my bone not to give up hope myself, but through the inconsistencies of help I can not show everyone the dream I pictured. The depiction of reconstructed buildings for Project Row Houses in the 5th ward community, families moving from the cold streets to warm homes, little girl dying of cancer getting a chance to make her last wish, and the ample amount of ways this could have shaped the community in a compelling way . I had days to where I would not sleep for hours and days at a time just to send hundreds of emails and get rejected in my university's computer labs, but continued to push this. I have pushed until my arms weakened, legs fell to the ground, and knees kissed the floor begging for an understanding. This is real. Left by my roommate with a two bed roomed apartment, scraping for money, selling my items to stay above water, without a computer or car and frequent ignored texts and emails. I had to choose one. Working to pay the bills, and to stay afloat is what I had to choose because there was no other choice. Will there be any events, hotels, buses, galas, or anything I told? Probably not. But life happens, and just as life is happening to me life is happening to those I am trying to help. In that, I apologize to everyone that was looking forward to being apart of this, truly I appreciate it. Thus understand that I will still be biking to Austin March 11 rain sleet or snow, because I cannot not give up on people even in the state of my condition. I may not have all of the resources in the world, but know that the show must go on. You are more than welcomed to come with me if you truly are devoted to empowering, strengthen, and making someone in a dire situation know that someone is there, if not...you can catch me making a trip to Austin for all of my community. I think that they would understand.

"Arrogance and pride is so common these days…very refreshing to see young adults humble themselves. Peace and blessings to this entire project!"---Key

(Above photos by: image.in)