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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Wrapping up WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH with a TEXAS sized BANG!!!
Showcasing several Texas women that have made their mark in the world of fashion/style!

* Houston's Beyonce: does this chic really need an introduction...I mean anywhere? A singer but whether she's doing an ad campaign, dressed down in denim cut offs, or walking the runway...YOU SEE IT!

*Irving's Erin Wasson: is a cover girl in every way of the word. She has literally covered major magazines, walked major runways (Armani, Balenciaga, Cavalli, Victoria Secret, Gucci, Karl Lagerfeld), has been apart of major ad campaigns (Tiffany, Rolex, Michael Kors, J. Crew), stylist for Alexander Wang, designed jewelry, and a women's wear collection...all before the age of 30!

* Houston's Solange: this singer not only stays in a certain lane...but she created that lane! Headturning style and is also the new face of RIMMEL cosmetics...you'll see her posted in Walmart!

* Austin's Kelly Framel: AKA The Glamouria via her blog where she writes about everything from her latest trendsetting looks, home decor, and inspiration AKA A Stylist that made NY home and made the list of THE 50 MOST STYLISH NEW YORKERS AKA She who has designed a bag with COACH, styled a window for DOLCE AND GABBANA, and Forever21 designed a line for their TwelveByTwelve line and used her as inspiration!

*Corpus Christi's Selena: left us in the mid 90s at the age of 23 and was not only well on her way to being a well known recording artist but was a designer and boutique owner that was known for her in your face style! R.I.P. Selena

*Honorable mentions: Houston's Kelly Rowland, Letoya Luckett, and Corpus Christi's Eva Longoria make the blogs for their effortlessly chic looks everytime they're on the scene!

I know there are more Texas ladies out there making their mark, I encourage you to keep pushing and continue to follow your heart/dreanms!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


 Shout out to the female that replied to the write up I did on Solange's son and his Juelz for Japan T-shirts! She asked me to check out her son's shirts via his website and FACEBOOK page, I did, and was introduced to the brand PUR3LY ROOT3D. If you are a regular here on DMWTS you already know I have a certain kind of luv for indie streetwear: Texas Streetwear Expo. I am not limited to what others may consider style...there's all kinds of tunnels and passageways in this game! And streetwear brands hustle HARD to move their brand, I've seen yall going at it at sneaker summits, I salute!
 But to get back on topic, San Antonio's PUR3LY ROOT3D not only has a line of tees dedicated to the urban culture BUT a line of tees dedicated to helping Japan. Hustling for their brand and Japan...my kind of folks! The Biggie tee is SO NECESSARY to rock under a fuchsia pink blazer with a leopard print pencil skirt...well in my world it is LOL! Shout out to PURELY ROOTED for staying far from average!
Check out the website PUR3LY ROOT3D HERE and HERE on FACEBOOK 

Friday, March 25, 2011


Sanger Solange, Wardrobe Stylist Ty Hunter, and Solange's son Juelz all in tees that Juelz designed for his "Juelz for Japan" campaign. Now isn't that something? A baby wanting to support those in need...grown folk YALL better step YALL game up LOL! I will post a link to the website "Juelz for Japan" when the website is up and running.
Love it when folks STAY FAR FROM AVERAGE ;-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I use this phrase alot while blogging "SO REFRESHING", but after reading about/viewing Tracey Fergurson's journey I thought just that! Inspite of suddenly losing her husband to a heart attack, and raising 2 kids without him, Mrs. Ferguson was able to:

-Launched "JONES MAGAZINE", a fashion/lifestyle guide aimed at women of color, in Houston in 2005

-In 2007 was offered a reality show test run for the launch of "JONES MAGAZINE" national debut release

-Reality show "KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES" and magazine debuted nationwide Spring 2010 and "JONES MAGAZINE" has been the magazine to watch ever since! (Veronica Webb graced the cover of "JONES MAGAZINE" nationwide issue...for those of you who don't know that says ALOT and I ask you to do your Veronica Webb research LOL)

I consider her story "SO REFRESHING" because she had the drive to turn tragedy into triumph all while doing something she loved! And I know how reality shows can influence the black community...I'm sure Mrs. Fergurson has inspired someone to keep pressing forward! It didn't happen overnight and hopefully Mrs. Fergurson will remain encouraged and continue to make her mark in Texas fashion/style HISTORY!
Visit jonesmag.com and or follow JONES on Twitter @jonesmag

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In addition to blogging here...I-TUMBLE-2!

Two totally different outlets...please feel free to FOLLOW or READ:


Thank You, you, you, AND YOU! ;-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


MARCH IS WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH! Another TEXAS woman making history in the world of style/fashion is Lela Rose! So far this Dallas native has:


-Worked under well known designers CHRISTIAN ROTH and RICHARD TYLER

-Launched her first collection out of her own apartment (Hustler's spirit...period!)

-Gained the attention of Jenna and Barbara Bush (and they became her private clients)

-After connecting with the Bush women her lines were sold in Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman

-Client list now include:
Mischa Barton, Molly Sims, Jessica Simpson, Ashley Judd, Mariska Hargitay, Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen, Selma Blair

-Collabed with Payless (shoes and accessories) for another high end designer collab at a not so high end store

-Launched a bridalwear line and designed pieces for Jenna Bush's wedding party

I love a true designer; I'm excited to see what she'll do next!

Lela Rose Fall 2011 followed by some of my favorite pieces from her bridalwear collection (See more of her work here Lela Rose )-  

Sunday, March 20, 2011



See what the above M-Words have in common by clicking
here---> M-WORDS

Stay far from average ;-)

Friday, March 18, 2011


In case you didn't know MARCH is National Women's History Month...and of course DMWTS will remix it and feature TEXAS WOMEN that are doing their part to add to FASHION/STYLE HISTORY!

First feature of the month will be HOUSTON native Alexis Bryan Morgan; so far Alexis has served as:

Executive Fashion Editor at Vanity Fair

Fashion Director at ELLE

Executive Fashion Director at Lucky Magazine (Current)

DMWTS salutes Alexis and hope she'll continue to know NO LIMITS in the world of fashion/style!

PSSST...It took everything in me NOT to type this but: I find it very interesting that Alexis's father, Texas-born millionaire John Shelby Bryan, had an affair AND shacked up with Anna Wintour (for those of you who don't know Ms. Anna is an icon and  editor of VOGUE magazine)...I really tried not to type that but the FEMALE in me couldn't resist (I got all Wendy Williams on yall LOL)and I just love me some Ms. Anna!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I don't think there are enough words known to man that can express my love of giving back and or recognizing those that most overlook. And to see others doing the same is such an inspiration! The info below is not only an invite to attend but just reading the info/mission SHOULD inspire you in some type of way...I'm hoping! DMWTS salutes ALL involved for STAYING FAR FROM AVERAGE!:

New Faces of Fashion Photo Exhibit

On Saturday, March 19, 2011, Father’s Joy will partner with local Sugar Land photographer, Tonya Dailey (http://www.tonyadailey.com/), for a Down syndrome awareness photo exhibit entitled “The New faces of Fashion” to be held at Momentum BMW, 15865 Katy Freeway, Houston.

Ms. Dailey is offering her time and talent to increase awareness and support of people with Down syndrome. She will photograph 16 models of various ages who have Down syndrome. Her work will be displayed at Momentum BMW beginning at 2:00 p.m. Ms. Dailey hopes her images will capture the beauty of people with Down syndrome, inside and out. She also hopes her work will change perceptions within the fashion/modeling industry.

There will be several media outlets covering the show, which will offer food, drinks, and a host of fun activities for families! Father’s Joy will be present raising money for our various programs and offering educational information for all who attend. Please come out on March 19 and support Father’s Joy, Tonya and your family and friends with Down syndrome

(Father’s Joy is a non-profit Christian organization whose message is based on the Bible and whose ministry is based on the love of God. Their mission is to minister and provide support and information to families of children with disabilities.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


All the readings on SXSW, this week, gives me a reason to blog about the only Texas city I can see myself living in besides Houston...dear ol' Austin. I think the foodie in me would MOVE TO Austin just to be in the same city as GUERO'S or HEY CUPCAKE ...but I shall stay on topic...SMH. If you're ever in Austin with a couple dollars to spare (Lemme hold something?) check out KICK PLEAT for 
CLEAN-CUT-CLASSIC pieces like the goodies below!

918 West 12th Street
(512) 445-4500

Monday, March 14, 2011


Ladies if you're heading to Austin, for SXSW, be sure to stop in Feathers Boutique and MOSS! Might as well enjoy the festivities and the SHOPPING ;-)

Feathers Boutique: 1700 B. South Congress Ave. (Enter on Milton)
512 912 9779

MOSS Designer Consignment: 765 B. South Lamar
512 916 9961

Friday, March 11, 2011


Last month I blogged HERE about being the Wardrobe Stylist for the brand SoutheNewYorker...and when I say these youngins' worked HARD to get this website up and running! I'm still applauding the brand's creator/Creative Director Michelle and the team work (photographer, make up artist, models, and assistants are to be applauded as well) that took place at the photo shoot...and I'm excited to announce the website is up and running! Check out the current stock and stay tuned for more goods to be added at: http://www.southernewyorker.com/
(Go ahead and click SHOP and or click SNY Doll and Dons for more in depth LOOKBOOK photos like the images below!)
The brand SoutherNewYorker is based in both HOUSTON, TEXAS and BROOKLYN, NEW YORK

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Friday, March 18th 2:00pm - 9:00pm and Saturday, March 19th 11:00am - 8:00pm. FREE Admission...cash, debit, or credit...go get it! 

Also: A special radio event with Viva Radio, California Select Vintage, and your favorite and new American Apparel styles at less-than-retail prices! Plus an open call for models and photoshoot!

1st Floor Austin Convention Center at the corner of 4th and Trinity