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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


At times, during my day job, you can find me ripping and running thru downtown Houston…hair flying and out of breath. But today I got a breath of fresh air when I spotted a trolley with shoes on board. It was like seeing a desert oasis but in this case the image was real and was in downtown Houston. I paused by port-o-potties reeking of YOU KNOW WHAT and climbed sloped tree roots to hop aboard this trolley! I recently read an article in regards to the mobile boutique takeover and I just had to witness it first hand! After the owner gave me the full run-down on SHOE BAR I remained in awe…it was love at first sight and I have to add SHOE BAR to my top five favorite finds in Houston! Below are the images I was able to capture along with an invite to an event tonight.

*Side-Note: SHOE BAR can be apart of your private events like bridal showers, birthday celebrations, etc…log on to shoebarmobile.com for more info!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Some Wear in HOUSTON

A few of my loves are neon signs, flamingos, palm trees, lip print (or lipstick print), retro MOTELS…and I guess I’ll stop there. Here lately I’ve stalked all of the above online...over and over again. So when Houston hottie Kentranisha contacted SIDE OF STYLE, wanting to do a shoot (of any theme) for her upcoming 22nd birthday, the timing was PERFECT! I figured I could somehow add a few of my obsessions to the mix. I hoped Kentranisha could bring a romper to life that I pulled for the shoot…and that she did!

"Always comin down poppin our way...telling us that COUNTRY GIRLS the kinda girl they like..."---Beyonce "Soldier"

Friday, April 19, 2013


If SUMMER were a female I'm sure it will look like Solange on the cover of ELLE (South Africa) November 2012 issue.
That is all...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A message from a fellow Texan:
If you caught the news last night or this morning you've heard that we had a terrible event in our backyard here in Texas. In the city of West, Texas, about 20 miles north of Waco, a fire started at a fertilizer plant. Nearly an hour after the fire started, with volunteer firefighters at the scene the plant exploded and caused massive damage to this small town. As of this morning some firefighters were still missing. It is feared that up to 15 people have lost their lives and many homes and structures are damaged or destroyed.

If you'd like to donate to help the victims of this tragedy I'd like to pass along the information on where you can donate. Here are a few options:

To donate money:

Pointwest Bank

PO box 279

West, TX 76691

Checks payable to: Victims of West Explosion

If you'd like to donate cash you can drop it by my office and we will forward the money to the bank in West, Texas on your behalf.

To donate supplies:

Gallery Furniture

6006 North Freeway

Houston, TX 77076

You can also donate blood through the American Red Cross (www.redcrossblood.org)

Let's see what we can do to help out our fellow Texans.

Michael Daniels

Exclusive Agent/ Personal Financial Representative

Daniels Insurance & Associates

713-681-5991 ph

713-681-3370 fax



Thursday, April 4, 2013


Please feel free to check out www.lvntf.blogspot.com to see the first "WORE OUT WEDNESDAY" feature showcasing my cousin's style!
Know of a guy with headturning style? Send his info to key@sideofstyle.com for a feature on "LIVIN' IN THE FUTURE"!