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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shirt Day of Cool

The word of the day is Kooky

Kooky: Strange or eccentric.

Let’s use it in a sentence…or two…or three…

 With a style as kooky as mines I couldn’t help but to be drawn to this Houstonian when I spotted her a few years ago! When she and I met, well at the end of our meeting last year, I handed her a shirt that screamed kooky. I handed it to her because I knew, all too well, that she’d give this lively piece LIFE. With that natural hair, stacked arm, and other pieces to finish the look off she did just as I imagined! Go heeeeeeeead on Rei…wait…I don’t think I ever saw Mrs. Reiko in a pair of denim jeans! Again, my country a#% says GO HEAD ON REIKO!
*insert finger snap and the snake dance here*

Check out more of Reiko and her hilarity HERE


GFS said...

*doing the wop*

Thanks boo! And let me know if I need to take more kooky pieces off your hands!

Key said...

LOL! You're welcome and will do hon!