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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 Ahhhh...NEW YEAR'S EVE! The one day where everybody wants the glitz & glam look...ladies whip out their shiny dresses and the guys polish their church shoes (Luvs it!). As I was looking through a few party photos from NYE in Houston I saw several photos of stylish girl groups, stylish ladies standing alone or with another glammed up female, and the guys gave the suited and booted look from head to toe. But what I noticed more than anything were the stylish couples! All synchronized with their outfits...of course I'm not sure if these were actual "couples" but according to the photos below they "go together" in more ways than one!

Couple #1 What else did this young man need, a young man that was so dapper it looks as if he's fresh off the set off the movie "Takers", than a gorgeous young lady to compliment his haute look? The draping in the back of her dress won me over...and I'm such a sucker for sequins!

Couple #2 I'm also a sucker for retro fashion and when a man is bold enough to step into mid 1960s and give us full on "Rat Pack" for 2012...how can I not post him and his stylish lady friend? And speaking of his lady friend not sure if that was the bottom of her dress or a skirt but that ostrich feather detail complimented her mates look extremely well! Who else is getting 1920s-1930s from her look? All Josephine Baker with the feathers!

Couple #3 Was it his Versace for H&M (I think) suit with gold brooch on the lapel that made me give all praises to the style gods!?!? Or was it the lovely lady's over sized Prada sunglasses, statement necklace, with small earrings that made me darn near stand up and clap for their photo like I was at an awards ceremony?!?! Those were the questions I'd asked my self after viewing their photo...I'm calm now but at the time those 2 had me going!


GubmentGlam said...
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What A Doll! said...

OMG! I want everything she's wearing, including the sunglasses, in the last picture!