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Friday, July 2, 2010

THE HOUSTON Style Philanthropist...

"Let's go and network to build our brand where the celebrities, socialites, and in-the-know-folks mingle!" In a time where a lot of us are trying to make a difference with an entrepreneurial mindset I've noticed that the only "mindset" some have is so one track! Read the opening quote again if you will? It's all fine and well to reach out to serve folks with a little pocket change/thick wallet...who wouldn't want that chance? Serving celebs, socialites, and in-the-knows gets your name and brand out there and could possibly take your services beyond your wildest dreams...I'm sure everyone with an entrepreneurial mindset hungers for that (myself included). But when I started on my SIDE OF STYLE mission I was focused on the folks on the bottom also...the ones I see day to day in need...whether it be the chic next door that get beat up by her boyfriend on a regular, the 12 year old cancer patient that stay up the street, the homely single mother around the corner that live pay check to check, or the chic standing on the corner. I figured why not take the talent he has instilled in me and HELP or GIVE to these people thru SIDE OF STYLE. And although I don't want any credit or acknowledgement for HELPING and GIVING I am happy to say SIDE OF STYLE has done just that! Make an unexpecting chic on the bottom feel good about what's on the outside and she may feel a little better within, ya feel me? It doesn't matter if you do or don't I will continue to grind in that manner LOL! With that being said I was excited to connect with someone with an entrepreneurial mindset but with that same GIVING spirit that I have. I've known Oneika, on a day job level, for months now but when she bought her after day job grind to light I lit up with excitement because I hadn't came across anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset that was similar to mines in a long time! Oneika is Principle Designer of stylëvënts, a Houston area event planning service. She is THE go to person for all your event planning needs. And right now I want to call on the stylish ladies of Houston (and fellas) because Oneika needs our help...see here:

"In partnership with the Star of Hope Mission Women's Shelter, the P.I.F.F. ("Pay It Fashion Forward ") Campaign's sole function is to "pour out", give back and help GOD's daughters. During my initial meetings with the mission, one of the coordinators expressed, "The women we serve most times only have 1 or 2 items of clothing to their names, which makes it difficult for them to even try to piece items together for them to wear to interviews or church, that would make them feel confident enough to even want to be seen in public." This statement definitely affected me in a mighty way. Thus, I am fueled with passion to sow into the lives of HIS daughter's and "Pay It Fashion Forward "!

So, to make this a reality, I need you! I'm calling for donations of fashionable, lightly used, church and/or interview women's attire (sizes 0-30). Also, the #1 need at the facility is for "NEW undergarments" (girdles, slips, bras and panties) as well. Please partner with me and "Pay It Fashion Forward"! The campaign close-out date is Friday July 16th, so let's make a HUGE impact in someone's life. Donate TODAY! If you are interested, please feel free to message me on FB or contact me at madamestyle@gmail.com to discuss drop-off locations and/or meeting times to collect your donations. Thanks and be blessed!"

Houstonians are KNOWN for stunting and flat out showing out with MATERIAL THINGS (and again that's all fine and well! SHINE HOUSTON lol) But let's step up and assist the ones at the bottom yall...if one person emails Oneika to drop off the needed goods it would make a difference in a woman's life. Also feel free to email me at sos4u@live.com and I'll see what I can do to get these goods to Oneika or the Star of Hope Mission Women's Shelter. Oneika girl my sister and I will be grinding with you on this campaign...do know your words DID NOT go in vain honey! Read more on Oneika's campaign here on her blog: Madamestyle Blog  


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

DO you know I read every single word of this post!? I can't believe you guys are in Houston! I wish I had known about this because I would have definitely contributed!

Let me know if you other have projects in the works also!


Key said...

So glad you read it all, Thanks! Folks hate to read but then ask a ton of questions that would be avoided if they READ...LOL!