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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


  "THE QUIET STORM" is what I'm calling Austin native Thomas Carlyle Ford, a.k.a. TOM FORD, right now! After a six-year absence from women's design this dude popped up during NEW YORK'S FASHION WEEK, a couple weeks ago, and debuted a private SPRING/SUMMER 2011 women's wear line. The runway show theme was  "The World’s Most Inspirational Women" which had the likes of Beyonce, Daphne Guinness, and Chanel Iman working the catwalk. Even though I read Ford only invited ONE photographer (no photos were to be released to the public at that time), I figured I'd let a few weeks pass and search for runway photos...so I searched, googled, and searched...and after all the fuss was made regarding how EPIC this runway show was I AM YET TO SEE ONE PHOTO from this show! He came, he saw, he conquered and left not a trace!
  Not bad for a dude from AUSTIN, who spent his early life in the suburbs of HOUSTON and SAN MARCOS...and later went on to be Creative Director of GUCCI and YSL (where he bought LIFE and REVENUE back to both fashion houses during what almost was both of the houses darkest years 1994-2004). If you're ever in New YorkMilan, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Dubai, Zurich,or Russia stop in one of Ford's boutiques...even if it's just to window shop!

Click here to see the ones who were lucky enough to find their way to TOM FORD's top secret runway show...Mr. Ford was able to bring out the A-List during a rain storm!:

"Uh! now what yall know about them Texas boys?" *In myPimp C voice* ;-)


image.in said...

Woah, didn't know that he was from Ausin...neat.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

LOL...you know I'm laughing at the Pimp C voice! "Keep a liter in my cup....everybody wanna ball...how they ball at the mall!"

Random fact: I go to the same church with Bun B and his wife.

And girl I am obsessed with Tom Ford but I don't wanna meet him ever because I feel like he will chop me up!

Key said...

LMBO @ God's Favorite Shoes!