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Saturday, February 26, 2011


My sister, who has rocked natural hair for some time now, keeps stressing the fact that FEBRUARY IS NATURAL HAIR MONTH! My sister and other natural hair chics have inspired me, recently, to go that route. I'm currently in the early stages...and I've finally got "I NEED A PERM" out of my vocabulary...it was a tough road to cross...Natural ladies I SALUTE YOU! Here's a personal piece I'd posted last November on my sister's FaceBook wall when she felt a bit perturbed when a couple of dingbat females down talked NATURAL KINKY NAPPY CURLY hair in her presence...I now need it to encourage myself on this PERM FREE journey:
---Shout out to my "COLORED GIRL" that wore her hair NATURAL BLOWN OUT NAPPY KINKY CURLY FRO PUFF TWISTED long before it became a movement! That's called bold...that's called strength...that's called courage! You have enlightened so many around us with your courage to rock your hair CHEMICAL FREE! Amazing how "our" people can easily give props to "doll hair" plastered into a 27 piece...but LOOK DOWN on/criticize those who chose "our" natural roots. I salute you my sister...my love...my strength!---

Below are some of my favorite STYLISH NATURAL HAIR CHICAS from TEXAS!

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God's Favorite Shoes! said...

When we finally get a Houston blogger meet up scheduled...YOU BETTER be there so I can give you a BIG TEXAS HUG!!!

Thank you soooooooooooo much for the support! (I've secured a place for the meet up...just got work out dates/logistics:)

Juanette said...

Love it, and I'll be in H-town too giving hugs and saying "Hey yall!" Thanks Key!

Key said...

"HEY YALL!" LOL I love it! You ladies are VERY welcome...Reiko I'll be there, I look forward to it!