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Monday, February 7, 2011

THE DALLAS Fashion Stylist/Personal Shopper/Fashion Guru/Fashion Blogger/Online Boutique (With a little HOUSTON sprinkled in the mix)...

 Back in July I blogged about Houston style maven, Reiko, HERE . And now it's like the STYLE TWILIGHT ZONE because there's something in me that won't allow me to blog about Dallas style maven, Juanette, without mentioning Reiko LOL! I'm so glad the style forces brought these two young ladies together because it's like we have two Reikos or should I say two Juanettes? Either way it's twice the style, twice the natural hair, twice the fashion, twice the fun! With that being said meet, Fashion Stylist/Personal Shopper Juanette of the blog Fashionnette-Work ! I've been reading her fab blog for sometime now and it dawned on me I'd never blogged about this TEXAS GIRL with style as big as TEXAS! I think me blogging about Reiko may have given me the feeling of blogging about Juanette LOL!  But as much as I think these stylish ladies are a 2 for 1 deal it's good to know they were somewhat thinking the same...the two have merged and ladies we now can shop their closets via their website:
So good to see females come together, brainstorm, and make things happen! I'm too excited and wishing BOTH Juanette and Reiko much success on their style journey...stay encouraged ladies!


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thank you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Juanette is the beezneez!

Thank you for the SFAM support! That means alot!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

and I just laughed my a$$ off at there being two Reiko's or two Juanette's...we are a mess all about ourselves!

Juanette said...

Awww thank you Key, I appreciate it SO MUCH! And thanks Reik, I think that you're the cat's meow, lol! And I agree, If there were two Juanette's we would NOT get along, I barely get along with myself!

Key said...

Giggling @ both of you LOL! You ladies are very welcome!