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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 Where did January 2011 go yall? Woooow! With time moving as quick as it has been I want to again SHOUT OUT and encourage all the STYLE HUSTLAZ out there, yall know I have to do that every quarter! Image is the “in” thing now and with top stylists like June Ambrose/Rachel Zoe and top style teams like “House of Glam” (amazing how I never watched not one episode of either show…but I will tune in for Mrs. Ambrose!) are on the reality show front exposing thousands to what goes on behind the scenes I expect to see more people wanting to play a part in the style game. After years of research it still excites me to know there are so many tunnels and turns in the style game. Last month I stumbled upon this article about Lauren Deatherage, a Product Trend Analyst for Cotton Incorporated. Here’s an excerpt, from Lauren’s “ALUMNI PROFILE”, that gives the full run down of what she does in the world of style:

“Lauren’s duties include researching and developing comprehensive seasonal trend forecasts 18-24 months ahead of the selling season for mills, knitters, converters, manufacturers, designers and retailers. As a trend analyst, she must continually conduct extensive research internationally to find the most forward thinking concepts in color, fabric and apparel silhouettes. Through this global research, Lauren must monitor culture variants and keeps a pulse on lifestyle trends and consumer attitudes that directly affect the fashion and apparel textile markets. On a daily basis she consults with mills, major manufacturers and large retailers, and provides them with innovative ideas and product direction. In addition to domestic companies, she works with influential clientele and presents at major industry trade shows throughout Europe, the Far East, Central and South America.”

Who knew working for Cotton Incorporated could be so rewarding; I wish Lauren had a reality show surrounding her job!
 And with that being said SHOUT OUT TO THE STYLE HUSTLAZ!: the Product Trend Analysts, Fashion Designers, Textile Manufacturers & Suppliers, Wardrobe Stylists, Fashion Merchandisers/Sales and Marketing, Buyers, Fashion Journalists, Fashion PR Reps, Retail, Garment Centers/Districts, Visual Presentation, Fashion Creative Directors, Fashion Production Managers, Fashion Photographers, Fashion/Lifestyle Bloggers, Models, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Nail Artists, Fashion/Lifestyle magazines, Boutique Owners (store front and online), Assistants (in any style field), and last but not least the FASHION INTERNS! Stay encouraged yall! (Lauren Deatherage ALUMNI PROFILE Here and image Here )

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