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Monday, April 4, 2011


When I saw the photo below I thought back to a close friend and her thoughts of moving from Brooklyn, NY to Texas when we were kids...she assumed Texas...all of Texas would be alot like the photo below. Alot of dirt, dirt roads, horses, folks riding horses...ALL DAY...EVERYDAY...just flat out country LOL! Not to mention this was in the 90s when my friend moved to Texas LOL...friend came down here with THE CLAMPETTS on her mind! But she showed me a thing or two about style and in return I, in all of my TEXAS glory, showed her a thing or two about style as well...we were youngins going at it on the style tip! 
With that being said are you a stylish Texan, know a stylish Texan, are you a stylish Texan doing something stylish, or do you know a stylish Texan (or Texans) doing something stylish? That about covers it right? EMAIL Key at sos4u@live.com I would love to blog about you (or them) and add you (or them) to the roster of other stylish Texans I've blogged about...hope to hear from you!
And THANK YOU to all who've contacted me in the past.   

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