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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 If you have been following me since I blogged on the F-List and shared SIDE OF STYLE information on MySpace THANK YOU for hanging in there with me throughout the years! If you read/follow DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS...STYLE!, followed me on Twitter, followed my Tumblr, and/or "Like" www.facebook.com/sideofstyle  please continue to view...there's so much more to come! If you found DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS...STYLE! a couple of minutes ago and do not have a clue what all the above means...allow me to introduce myself: I'm Key, a Wardrobe Stylist/Personal Shopper (Officially since 2008), and I provide styling services via SIDE OF STYLE. Prior to SIDE OF STYLE I was 1 of 2 writers on the blog "THE F LIST" and we blogged about everything that was funky, fresh, and fly in the world of FASHION (Shout out to my east coast connect Candace)! I then started "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS...STYLE!" focusing solely on style/fashion around my home state. Lately SIDE OF STYLE and DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS...STYLE! have been my focus but my sister, niece, and a few others have pushed me at times about starting a blog that would allow me to express myself more. A few months ago I promised my sister that I would cover that outlet this summer and then came N.I.C.E.! N as in "News", I as in me-myself-and-"I"/Information/Ideas, C as in Clothes, and E as in Entertainment (as they all relate to STYLE of course!). So feel free to follow/add N.I.C.E. to your favorites and log on to see me share my personal style and bring you style goodies/goodness from all across the globe! Hope my N.I.C.E. journey is interesting enough for you to stick around; lay back-kick it-and-enjoy the ride! Thanks for reading---Key
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