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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Remember the SIDE OF STYLE "ENHANCE HER fight CANCER Giveaway" details that were plugged  HERE during the month of May? Well the super publicist MJRoyPR and I worked our bums off at an attempt to spread the word. I plugged the giveaway details whenever I saw fit and MJRoyPR did the same! He sent out press releases and the whole nine, hardworking dude he is! But to my surprise my inbox was quiet as a mouse as far as the cancer giveaway submissions goes. It paled in comparison to giveaways SIDE OF STYLE launched in the past. Stats showed the posts/threads were being read but I guess readers could not relate. I knew any attempt in that form is a gamble and the month of May came and went without one entry. No discouragement felt at all, but I hate that I didn’t get the chance to be of service to a female who deserves it…but I know she’s out there! THE earring designer/artist, Zulane (look her up), posted one of her clients in some of her pink breast cancer ribbon earrings. Not only was I wowed by Zulane’s design but the female who wore them made me want to re-launch the cancer giveaway all over again! She posed in all of her glamorous glory; I would’ve thought she wore her beautiful buzz cut haircut by choice! After linking with her, via Facebook, I’ve became even more inspired by her. On my personal Facebook page I see status update after status update of senseless topics...NO SUBSTANCE AT ALL, complaints, and arguments! But this female status updates, in the midst of her chemo treatments, read statements like “I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH…BUT WILL YOU ALLOW ME TO ENCOURAGE YOU? HE DID IT FOR ME AND HE’LL DO THE SAME FOR YOU!” Encouraging update after encouraging update in the midst of her struggle...who can relate? She is co-founder of Dallas based SEXY AFTER 30 www.sexyafter30.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sexy-After-30/156503329867 , owner of http://www.lashesandmakeup.com/ , a fighter, and a SURVIVOR- KoCo Powell, and she has allowed me to share personal photos from a recent photo shoot that took place in the midst of her battling CANCER! So beautiful, so stylish, so inspiring! Ladies it may be and it could be us one day; be inspired/encouraged! (Also, for those in the Dallas area, see the invite below for a benefit being held in honor of this beauty)

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