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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There's a saying "BAD NEWS TRAVELS FAST!"...and what I'm about to present isn't bad news, mess, gossip, or drama but I pray it travels just as FAST!


Enhance: To increase or improve in value, quality, desirability, or attractiveness
Her: Belonging to or associated with a female person

Are you a (Houston area) female CANCER survivor or a female that is currently battling this unforgiving disease? If you are not, you may know a woman or women battling CANCER day in/day out. CANCER is one disease that takes a toll on the body, image wise, and we all know that messing with a woman’s image is a battle within itself.

We here at SIDE OF STYLE can only imagine what CANCER stricken females are going through! And SIDE OF STYLE has decided to do the same thing “MESS WITH A FEMALE’S IMAGE”; We want to do the opposite of cancer, however; We’re aiming to “give to” a female’s image instead of “take away” from it. In other words, we’re hoping to “ENHANCE HER”!

We’re asking females with CANCER (whether you’re currently receiving treatment or in remission) to write a brief (200 words or less, going beyond 200 words is understandable and accepted) 'tell all', regarding the type of cancer that invaded your body, and how you’ve conquered it OR how you are in the midst of fighting CANCER. Email the tell all to: sos4u@live.com

Start Date: 5/1/11
End Date: 5/31/11

Tell all's will be read thoroughly and the winner will be selected and announced on Friday 6/3/11 at noon.

Perk: The winner will be awarded a day of enhancement which includes makeup, photo shoot (2 outfits total), and a few items to keep from the shoot (The 2 outfits will be along the color lines of the ribbon for the particular CANCER the winner has fought or is fighting (See ribbon image below).

Hoping to hear from you ladies…Thanks for taking the time to read and or submit!


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