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Monday, May 2, 2011


Don't you just love an "IT" bag? Usually "it" bags are created by top designers/fashion houses and redesigned or should I say "remixed" by indie designers. However, this particular "it" bag was first (as far as I can read) designed by two LA indie designers collaborating on a project to launch (February 2010) during NY FASHION WEEK 2010. Clare Vivier and Jasmin Shokrian teamed up to design a series of clutches to display Vivier's classic shape of bag and Shokrian's vibrant color palette (Read more here: LA Designers hit NYC ). Late last year I started to notice that fashion bloggers were going goo-goo over Celine's latest bag creation which appeared to be that of a chic leather pencil case in super cool colors...I fell in love on sight! Shortly thereafter I spotted AMERICAN APPAREL playing their part in the latest "it" bag craze...and then we have that personal style maven Reiko of GOD'S FAVORITE SHOES on the scene with her "Reiko Red" bag designed especially for her by a Houston designer. I'm sure your question would be "Who in HOUSTON remixing and spewing out IT bags???"...well that was my question after seeing Reiko work it! And that designer would be Raven of DIY RAVEN!!! As ALWAYS I salute a real designer...the ones that sketch, cut,  and sew are rare these days. Yes indeed, I salute you Raven and I'm hoping you will remain encouraged to keep remixing, creating, and spewing out goodies for us to grab!

Image #1) The "it" bag of the moment first designers (as far as I can read) Clare Vivier and Jasmin Shokrian

Image #2) The result of Vivier and Shokrian collaborating

Image #3) Celine's design of the "it" bag of the moment being worn by the haute masses

Image #4) American Apparel getting their piece of the pie

Image #5) Reiko rocking that Reiko Red by DIY RAVEN

(Contact Raven and place your order; she's a clothing designer as well!)



God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love this post!

I heart my DIY Raven bag@

raven said...

*high school-girl scream* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

This is amazing!! Thanks so much for the mention! You + Reiko are SERIOUSLY too sweet ;)

Raven (aka The Houston IT Bag Designer) haha

Key said...

@ Reiko Thanks hon!

@ Raven LOL! You're very welcome!

Juanette said...

Whoop whoop! Can't wait to get me a Raven bag, I love hers better than American Apparel's version!

Key said...

@ Juanette Right AND Raven offer patterns as well...a steal!