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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration...

 What I heart the most about my clients is the fact that they inspire me to continue to follow what has guided me in the style game thus far. I met this young lady back in 2009 and she was then a 20 year old who at one point thought you had to have a certain body shape (no curves) to model. Ummmm...tall, pretty skin, lovely cheekbones, an hour glass figure, and she didn't think she was "model" enough...wow! After years of letting negative thoughts discourage her from modeling Monti decided to follow her dreams and give this "model" thing a try. Since then she's had several shoots for Houston area photographers, several SIDE OF STYLE shoots, walked in several Houston area fashion shows, recently moved to Los Angeles to further pursue modeling, was selected as a background video model for Pitbull/Neyo's video "GIVE ME EVERYTHING (TONIGHT)" (which premieres today by the way), modeled for a LA based jewelry line/hair salon, and now has a day job in the Beverly Center...so there's no telling what's next for her! 
 Monti was back home in Houston this past weekend and contacted SIDE OF STYLE for a wardrobe/shoes/accessory pull for a photo shoot that took place early yesterday morning. I wasn't able to be on set for the shoot but Monti sent a few behind the scene photos that were taken on her phone (first and second photo). I'll share the completed photos from her shoot (which included 4 outfits total and a bikini) on www.facebook.com/sideofstyle.
But today I had to share Monti's story for those of you that may needed a little push this Monday morning...whether you're working at a library, at a fast food joint, or in the image industry GIVE IT YOUR ALL!
(The third photo is one of my favorite Monti photos from the runway and the fourth photo is one of my favorite Monti x SIDE OF STYLE photos!)

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