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Sunday, May 22, 2011


 As a woman I tend to watch my weight, unsatisfied with my body, crash diet...who can relate? And I want to know is that just a woman thing? Anyways, I was having one of those "body image" moments when I received an email from a Houston school teacher who was seeking wardrobe styling services to update photos of herself. Once she and I conversed back and forth she stated she'd lost a lot of weight recently and was now ready for her close up. After she filled out the SIDE OF STYLE questionnaire, so I can get a feel of her as a person, I noticed her age...she was in her twenties which led me to think she probably lost a good 30 pounds...I then wondered if she'll be willing to give me some weight loss tips LOL! We further went on to link up via my personal FACEBOOK page so I can take a peek at some of her personal photos she'd recently uploaded of herself. And I noticed with her weight loss she and I were close to the same size...so I thought yea she probably lost a good 30 pounds, good for her! But once we talked more day to day I started to notice this was not one of those petty weight loss missions...this young lady lost a total of 220 pounds! Here I am not satisfied with my weight and my weight was her goal...shut me up REAL QUICK lol!
 She dieted/exercised and set weight loss goals in increments of 20 pounds. She now has a beautiful shoulder tattoo of flowers, that are from her to her, with each flower representing the increments of 20 pounds loss! She was more than happy to share photos with me of her at her heaviest, and a plus size beauty she was, but it was almost surreal to see her standing there in what was at least a size 8. She also shared how she loved clothes but had the hardest time finding cute clothes for her age group in her size and with that she set her weight loss goal! THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A DETERMINED WOMAN and I hope her journey will inspire others...even if it's just one! Stay tuned for the latest SIDE OF STYLE photo album "WHEN LOSS = WINNING!!!" but in the meantime continue to set a goal, follow your dream, overcome, conquer...I can go on and on...WE GOT THIS LADIES!
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